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At UK-Fleet we provide Fleet Driver training and Company Driver Assessment, Training and Mentoring to help reduce the risk of an Accident. 
We can provide 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 training sessions for your drivers. Please check our services page for more details of how the fleet driver training sessions are structured. All training conducted by DVSA approved trainer / Assessor.
Our Fleet driver trainers / Assessors cover London and Southern England but it doesn’t matter where you are, call us for a chat and we’ll always try and help.
Why is Fleet Driver Training or Company Driver training important? Read the section below and as an Employer you'll see how you can reduce your own risk of liability to your Company in the event of an serious Accident involving one of your fleet drivers.

Last year work related vehicle accidents cost British Industry approximately
2.8 Billion pounds.
All employers have a ‘Duty of Care’ towards their employees. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations 1992 then amended in 1999 states that the vehicle used to conduct any companies work is classed as a Place of Work.
In 2007 the Corporate Manslaughter act was passed which states that if any company employs drivers that use the companies vehicle to conduct the companies work then the company and/or the driver could be held responsible for manslaughter if the relevant training was not provided to reduce the risk of an accident happening.

The following list outlines the areas of expenditure that was used to arrive at the figure of 2.8 billion.

• Fines and costs of prosecution.
• Staff down time for medical appointments, meetings with lawyers and court appearances etc.
• Cost of replacement staff and sick pay
• Loss of production and sick pay
• Increased insurance premiums and cost of excess.
• Offenders own legal fees.
• Claims from 3rd parties.
• Cost of repair to damaged vehicle or equipment.
• Cost of alternative vehicle hire.
• Inconvenience / re-delivery.
• Management and administrative time and cost.

At UK Fleet we provide fleet driver training / Assessment where we will provide individual or group training sessions on how your drivers can perform a simple risk assessment exercise on the vehicle before starting to drive and how they could be held liable if the risks discovered are not acted on and corrected.
Then after a 10 minute assessment drive we would then conduct a further 30/40 minute coaching session where we would advise the driver on how he could correct or improve their driving and which aspects of his or her driving that might carry the risk of an accident.
We would then provide the company with a written analysis of the training sessions and what recommendations were given to the driver. If the driver then is involved in an accident which occurred because any of the recommendations were not followed then the company could not be held liable because the company had shown ‘Duty of Care’ by providing additional training to the driver.

Some possible benefits of Fleet Driver Training to your Company:
Improved Fleet Driver sickness statistics.
Reduced Fleet Driver stress related sickness.
Reduction of Fleet vehicle repair costs.
Reduce possibility of Fleet vehicle accidents.
Reduction of traffic related fines.
Improved Fleet vehicle fuel consumption.
Happier and more confident Fleet Drivers.
Possible improvement of deliveries and time keeping.


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